Cuyahoga River, river mile 57.9

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River Flow (cfs) as of --/--/----

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1 cubic foot per second or 1 cfs is a rate of water flow which will supply 1 cubic foot of water in one second. 1 cfs is = to 7.48 gallons per second.

About this River Gauge

The Cuyahoga River at river mile 57.9 is the first public access point south of Lake Rockwell Reservoir, the Tony Sainato Memorial Canoe Launch. Lake Rockwell is the drinking water supply for the City of Akron, and is completely restricted from public access. The river at this point is slow flowing, but becomes much more challenging as it moves through Kent.

The Cuyahoga River...

The name Cuyahoga is believed to mean "crooked river" from the Mohawk Indian name Cayagaga, although the Senecas called it Cuyohaga, or "place of the jawbone". It begins its course in northern Geauga County and heads south until it runs through the City of Akron in Summit County, where it turns and begins heading north until it meets Lake Erie. The Cuyahoga River, at times during the 20th century, was one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. The reach from Akron to Cleveland was devoid of fish. The river is famous for having been so polluted that it caught fire several times before the famous fire of 1969. These events helped to spur the environmental movement in the US that eventually lead to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Water Act.
The Cuyahoga River of today demonstrates proof that environmental stewardship can bring a dead river back to life, and in 1998 was designated one of 14 American Heritage Rivers. On June 26, 1974, 25 miles of mostly undeveloped river in the headwaters of the river were designated as State Scenic River by the State of Ohio Division of Natural Resources. The Cuyahoga River was also designated as a National Heritage Corridor in 1996.


Akron Watershed Division

A watershed is an area of land on which water, as rain or snow, accumulates and drains to a common point. Everything that happens in a watershed has an effect on the quality of the water.

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Upper Cuyahoga State Scenic River

Due to its constant flow and gentle current, the Upper Cuyahoga River is a very popular stream for fishing and paddling.

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USGS Water Resources

The USGS works with partners to monitor, assess, conduct targeted research, and deliver information on a wide range of water resources and conditions including streamflow, groundwater, water quality, and wateruse and availability.

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Portage Park District

Portage Park District conserves important natural areas and creates parks and trails for public use and enjoyment.

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Geauga Park District

The mission of Geauga Park District is to preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County and to provide outdoor recreational experiences to our residents of every age, every ability and at all times of the year.

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